Showroom Kiosks

The salesperson of your dreams.

A tall, dark and handsome figure that can treat your customers like none other before it. It will amaze consumers with every touch. And, not only does it put on a good show, it is also a great listener! Better yet, it learns more about your customer without saying a word.

This kiosk can showcase your marketing, put special offers in the right hands, register customers for big giveaways, give directions, play games and more. Everything you need to kick your 360º Marketing into overdrive.

Plus, the other advantage this big guy has over the rest of your sales force, is he has a memory like a steel trap! Everything a customer does at the kiosk is stored away in your very own reporting tool. The kiosk does the dirty work of capturing information and you get to have all the fun of utilizing it.

We have multiple sizes and colors to choose from. No matter what industry you’re in, this salesperson from the future is sure to help you get new customers and keep your current customers coming back for more.

Take your marketing full circle…..with our Loyalty Program

We have so many features available on our kiosks. Plus, because we custom write all the software, the possibilities are endless! Let customers browse specials, sign up or view loyalty status, apply for financing, view a store map… You name it and it is possible. Let us customize your kiosk to how it works best for you.


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